About Us

About Us

ACE Engineering Ltd is a private limited liability company incorporated in 1997 providing construction as well as design and build services to its varied clients. We are committed to obtaining the Best Value for our clients.  We are proud of our history of providing quality services in the following areas: Civil works: roads, drainage, underground utilities, sea and river defense structures, water supply and waste water works including water storage tanks, retaining walls, land development for residential or commercial sub-division;  Building works: commercial, industrial and hotel infrastructure.

Currently, we provide services in Project management, Construction Services and Real Estate Development.  As Contractors we provide both design and Build, and Build only service.


Previous Experience:

Our previous undertakings in Design Phase Consulting roles not only enable us to provide and manage design and build services, but give us the insight, breadth of judgment and duty of care that normally reside in a consultant role.   Value engineering therefore has become a natural attribute of our service.

Team Player: 

We recognize our role in each service contract as part of a greater team effort to provide some tangible benefit to Clients.  Hence, we normally value engineer each project and liaise with our clients and their representatives in order to complete the works efficiently and effectively in the quickest possible time, and at the best value, thus maximizing the value of money for our clients.

For our Clients:

We aim to provide “Good quality output in a realistic time frame and at the lowest possible cost”. A testimonial of our commitment to ensuring that our clients always get the best value.

For Our Employees:

We aim to provide the environment where people are both challenged and rewarded by the very act of safely and  honestly providing good, valuable services to clients while at the same time growing responsibly to the top of their profession or skill.