Real Estate Development

Real Estate Development

Our comprehensive services range from design to infrastructure construction for residential subdivisions, including holiday cottages.


The following is a select list of the relevant services we offer:

  • Road and utility layouts and designs
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • Surveying
  • Preliminary and detailed design for water supply and distribution systems
  • Preliminary and detailed design for wastewater collection and disposal ┬ásystems
  • Assessment of suitable on-site wastewater treatment systems
  • Submission for Planning Approval
  • Design and supervision of construction works
  • Construction of infrastructure (pipework, reservoirs, roads) including procurement of materials

We have considerable experience in the construction of sewerage, water supply and distribution pipelines with over 25 Km of pipeline laid. In addition, we have the benefit our own equipment and custom curb/gutter formwork systems. We can guarantee high quality and production rates.